April 15, 2021

How does Opwire FSM Software Contribute to Energy Industry?

The Field Service Management (FSM) industry is exhibiting stupendous growth, expected to mark a whopping USD 10 billion by 2026. This growth will be fuelled by innovative technologies offered by tech stalwarts like Opwire.

Opwire Playing its Magic in the Energy Industry

Field service management (FSM) software offered by Opwire acts as the saviors by eliminating all communication gaps and offering complete transparency across the energy industry, starting with renewables.

Field service management as a system coordinates and schedules all work orders, dispatches service technicians, manages job statuses, tracks labor hours, and simplifies the transactional processes. In fact, the benefits of all features go much more profound, encompassing the diverse aspects and issues associated with service delivery.

Opwire’s field service management solutions not only face the above factors but also master the people management strategies associated with effective field management.

Opwire’s solutions facilitate seamless management of everyday work orders related to maintenance or replacement of infrastructural parts. Backed by a robust inventory management system, Opwire’s services enhance customer satisfaction by offering innovative delivery services. Opwire’s low-code platform is scalable vertically and horizontally to any business, strengthening communication and integration between employees - providing one common place for efficient workflows.

Our Unique Selling Proposition - the Differentiation

Regardless of the peculiarity of the customer’s demand, Opwire’s innovative platform is completely customizable, offering personalized solutions for enhanced client satisfaction. Opwire empowers the clients to define their workflows as per their unique business needs.

‘Solution customization’ and ‘competitive quality’ are the kingpin of Opwire’s success. Opwire delivers the promise of providing error-free and efficient field management services for the energy industry by leveraging automation for friction-less business functionalities and personalized workflow configurations.

Why Choose Opwire?

Investing in a Field Service Management solution translates into incredible benefits by minimizing efforts and maximizing productivity. Below pointers can help re-establish this fact and justify investing in the Field Service Management:

  • Opwire allows businesses to define a seamless workflow based on their business needs to optimize productivity
  • Seamless communication will enable companies to save time and cost up to 50%, multiplying profits and expanding the ROI
  • Easy accessibility to all data on a common platform, centralized across field and office, helps in better task and process management

Overall, deploying a AI based Field Service Management solution is the most brilliant move for all industries across the energy sector to strengthen their internal operations as well as advance their brand name by driving ‘connected customers’ in the external market.