Construction Management Software

Construction management software where you can easily track your construction, project management, material procurement processes and payments. You can store your payroll reporting, current reporting and all your processes on cloud.

  • Construction site current reports
  • Material request and supplier process management with role-based permissions
  • Integration with accounting systems or reporting your current accounts easily
  • Online monitoring of your repetitive and erroneous processes with mobile and web interfaces
  • Tracking the entry and exit times of the construction site with web and mobile applications
construction site management software


Supply Chain Management

Accounting Integration

Online / Offline Storage

Scorecard Reporting

Construction Management Reporting

  • Immediate recording of expenses and payments made
  • Exporting data reported in excel or cvs format
  • Customize and authorize interfaces for managers, engineers, site managers and technicians
  • Track time spent on the task and employee performance
  • Designing and creating PDF reports
  • E-mail, notification and template management
  • Solving the problems of forgetting and losing records in the construction management processes
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Construction Management Reporting
Construction Management Reporting

Construction Management Tracking

  • Real-time engineer, technician and device tracking
  • Construction site, factory entrance and exit tracking
  • Employee and device location history
  • Route planning between different construction sites or between office and construction site
  • Assign tasks on the map
  • Reporting of old, repetitive and similar construction work orders
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Construction Management Tracking
Construction Management Tracking

Digital Construction Management

  • Material request, shipment, receipt, vehicle expenditure mobile forms
  • Instant messaging, file sharing and comment module
  • Collection and payment transaction forms or image upload
  • Digital storage and tracking of checks, invoices and waybill documents
  • Signature supported data entry on site or in the office
  • Barcode and QR code reader
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Digital Construction Management
Digital Construction Management

Operation Management in Construction

  • Creating and assigning tasks via mobile and web interface
  • Manage and customize organization accounts, profiles and permissions
  • Instant mobile messaging
  • File upload (image, video etc...) and sharing
  • Taking photos, annotating, drawing and editing
  • Mobile field staff availability filter (available, busy etc...)
  • Role definition and customizable permissions
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Operation Management in Construction
Operation Management in Construction

Integration and Security in Construction Management

  • ERP, CRM API integration
  • Accounting integration
  • E-mail address identification or custom domain-based e-mail service
  • Activities and email notifications
  • Multi-layer authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • OpenAPI standard documentation
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integration and security in construction management
integration and security in construction management

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