Delivery Management Software

  • Manage your own courier and restaurant network in line with your own business processes
  • Tracking your package / order live on the map with in-app navigation
  • Management of your own couriers with restaurants / B2B partners
  • Real-time in-app messaging
  • Task tracking of your couriers via mobile application
  • Build your own courier tracking app
delivery management software


Courier Location Tracking

Automated Order Dispatching

Document Delivery

Pool Assignment & Package Tracking

Analytics & Reporting

  • Historical reporting and data aggregation
  • Filter data with multiple conditions
  • Export filtered data to excel or csv format
  • Aggregation on the fly with our integrated BI-Metric tool
  • Visualize data with different chart types bar, stack, pie, etc...
  • Customized dashboards both user and account level
  • Drag & drop supported reporting interface
  • Track ticket/task activity
  • SLA Reports for custom defined applications
  • Generate custom PDF reports
  • Define custom PDF and e-mail layout
  • Get insights from your data in real-time
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Field Service Management Reporting
Field Service Management Reporting

Dynamic Forms

  • Conditional and progressive question flows
  • Extend custom objects that fits your data model
  • Work on form with multiple users at the same time from mobile or web
  • Signature form inputs that requires conditional flows on the field or office
  • Real-time notifications on form activities
  • Custom input validation format
  • Fill input forms with Barcode or QR code scanner
  • OCR supported form input scanner
  • Drag & drop form builder
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data collection from field services Work order creation in field service manamagent
data collection from field services Work order creation in field service manamagent

Management in Field Services

  • Create & assign tasks from web and mobile
  • Manage your organization accounts, profiles and permissions
  • Real-time messaging
  • Upload & share files
  • Add annotations and draw/edit on captured photos
  • Activity history of user
  • Filter users based on their status(available, busy, etc...)
  • Define roles and custom permissions
  • Calender View
  • Kanban supported project management
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work order creation in field services
work order creation in field services

Location & Tracking

  • Real-time tracking of group of people or devices
  • Map view and assigment on map
  • Filter people based on their location
  • Route planning on location-based tasks
  • Location area definition by kml or geosptail data format
  • Geofencing - Check-in/out tracking
  • People/devices location history analyzer
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Location Tracking
Location Tracking

Field and Office Integration & Security

  • Access your data through our rest APIs with open-API provided schemas
  • OpenID, Oauth2 or LDAP compatible identity integration
  • Notifications on mobile and web
  • Bring your own mailbox or connect to our e-mail services with your domains
  • Integrate flow into your own application via webhooks
  • E-mail notifications based on activities
  • OpenId SSO/LDAP Integration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • End-to-end data encription
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work orders in field services Work Order Management in field service management
work orders in field services Work Order Management in field service management

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