Delivery Management Software

Delivery management software for courier location tracking, pool task assignment, order reporting and courier performance reporting.

  • Creating your own delivery management app for restaurants or businesses
  • Delivery management integration with restaurants for courier service providers
  • Courier or delivery live location tracking and navigation
  • Automatic task assignment to couriers for delivery
delivery management software


Courier Location Tracking

Automated Order Dispatching

Document Delivery

Pool Assignment & Package Tracking

Delivery Management for Restaurants

  • Region based delivery reporting
  • Takeaway turnover reports
  • Package service and courier tracking via SMS for customers
  • Receipt-tracking software integration
  • ERP, CRM API integration
  • Accounting integration
  • Messaging over the application
  • Courier tracking system for desired areas
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delivery management for restaurants
delivery management for restaurants

Delivery Location Tracking

  • Real-time courier and order tracking
  • Map view and quick courier order assignment
  • Address-to-order or available courier filter
  • Package order route planning
  • Courier payroll tracking form
  • Vehicle tracking form
  • Courier or vehicle location history
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delivery location tracking
delivery location tracking

Delivery Management Mobile Forms

  • Signature supported data entry during order delivery
  • Notifications via the courier mobile app
  • Motor tracking with barcode and QR reading support
  • Mobile forms for package delivery, courier entry and exit courier tracking
  • Assign order and delivery according to the availability of the courier
  • Mobile order forms that can be customized upon request
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delivery management mobile form
delivery management mobile form

Delivery Management Reporting

  • Courier history package delivery reporting
  • Customer based filters
  • Restaurant or region based delivery reporting
  • E-mail summary PDF reporting
  • Designing and creating PDF reports
  • Courier and vehicle inventory tracking
  • Excel data transfer
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delivery management reporting
delivery management reporting

Operation Management for Delivery

  • Region based pool task assignment
  • Messaging on the order
  • View user, restaurant, customer history
  • Annotate, draw and edit photos
  • User filtering by status (available, busy, etc.)
  • File upload (image, video, etc.) and sharing
  • Managing the communication between the manager, the courier and the restaurant
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operation management for delivery
operation management for delivery

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