Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Historical reporting and data aggregation
  • Understand data and visualize it
  • Import/export capabilities and integration through APIs
  • Realtime insights with no latency
  • Report custom flows into PDF with predefined layouts
  • Predictive analytics and anomaly detection
  • SLA reports
  • Location check-in/out Conditions
advanced-analytics-report-1 advanced-analytics-report-2
simplify-data-collection-1 simplify-data-collection-2

Simplify Data Collection

  • People, tasks, tickets, locations in one place
  • Mobile ready powerful forms
  • Upload data from anywhere
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Drawings and annotations on pictures
  • Paperless process management
  • Store pictures, videos or any other files in operations

Fully Customizable

  • Customization according to your needs
  • Define custom data schemas/objects
  • Templates with extendable fields
  • Connect modules and relations with few clicks
  • Organizations schema and hierarchical permissions
  • Role based custom permissions
  • Personalized dashboards and view data queries
  • Low-code platform with no development skill needed
custom-1 custom-2 custom-3 custom-4
communication-integration-1 communication-integration-2

Communication and Integration

  • In-app real-time messaging
  • Notifications on mobile and web
  • Multitask assigment and scheduling
  • Mailbox integration and custom forwarding rules
  • Custom data forms to define your own data schema


You can use Opwire by quickly integrating with your existing products. You can provide different solution layers to your own products with standard API Access documentation.



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